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    • 2023-02-10
          AI Depot is expanding its AI efforts. A new engine to classify products based on their images will be made availale soon.
    • 2022-11-08
           We are happy to announce that AI Depot has closed a new round of funding. This will allow AI Depot to move forward with the HS classification platform and its new endeavors in the AI realm.


  • Natural Language Processing

    We provide tools capable to transform natural language content into syntactic data.

    Semantic Processing

    Our semantic engine is is designed to take the syntactic data and transform it into "real meaning". It is also the key tool for fact extraction.

    Ai Engines

    We have embeded in our tools different types of engines. Naive Baesyan, Support Vector Machine, Neural Networks are key algorithms within our tools.

    Data Clustering

    Before extracting data sometime we do not even know what data we can extract. With clustering algorithms we can identify categories the data belongs to.

    Ontology Processing

    Normalizing data across different sources is always a challange. In the real life scenarios so often we have to deal with large volumes of data from different sources structured in different ways. We have created rule based tools that can allow mapping data across ontologies into normalized structures.