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    • 2023-02-10
          AI Depot is expanding its AI efforts. A new engine to classify products based on their images will be made availale soon.
    • 2022-11-08
           We are happy to announce that AI Depot has closed a new round of funding. This will allow AI Depot to move forward with the HS classification platform and its new endeavors in the AI realm.

About Us

Your Artificial Intelligence Depot
    AI.Depot was created with the main goal of bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies into the real life applications. We have over 20 years of hands-on experience with real applications in a variety of fields (e-commerce, finance, logistics, etc.). We have identified the clear need for smarter solutions and for more automatic processes. Because the AI algorithms are hard to understand, because resources with proper domain knowledge are scarce, because it is very hard to fit AI coding in rigid schedules, because the level of unpredictability is fairly high when dealing with AI or for other reasons, so often, AI is overlooked by companies.

    This is a missed opportunity for almost any company that creates software. The volumes of data are higher than ever and the variety of data is so reach that even humans have a hard time to comprehend it. Data mining is a contious problem. But even before that, structuring data is a big problem. Classifying properly the data is usually a huge step that helps processing further the data.

    Also we have to consider the fact that more and more data is exchanged in natural language rather than forms. Social networks have created places where information is exchanged at a pace that no manual process can keep up with it. Embeding the social networks into the marketing strategies, into the customer support, into business operations in general, has become a status quo. Processing this data is a challange. We can help.